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An American in China

What Hell Looks Like- China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 16, 2013

China is a synonym for hell. Its not just the fetid toilets, greed and soul less Chinese, but its the crowds.

Chinese sprout out like cockroaches from an ancient VCR that some homies contracted out from Rent-a-Center in Houston’s 3rd ward.

Every where you go, the curry stinking Chinese are plodding along, hefts of phlegm plopping on the street behind them. Were they to act like real humans, it would be no big deal, but they do not and it is.

They flock to open spaces just to see if they can fit, and then crawl at a commanding pace. Its as if the devil has decided hell is not sufficient punishment so he created thus gulag.

Each day you are confronted by so many Wtf’s and ‘ you gotta be kidding me’s that this place is precious- or at least as precious as a three headed snake.

Big crowd in China

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