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Why China Will Soon Be at War

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 16, 2013

9 Responses to “Why China Will Soon Be at War”

  1. quoter said

    i found a several hours long documentary about the ccp…have fun 😀

    “Chinese Communist Party will kill the world like they kill their people”

    this is the first part 1_9. browse further on youtube (2_9, 3_9, etc.; there are 9 parts):

  2. quoter said

    the red murderers (ccp) just want to produce chaos and distract their people from massive inner problems and their misdeeds. a war lets the masses forget their shitty life. they don’t want war. they know that they will lose and hence lose their bloody power. all they do is to fart around on the world stage (typical chinese pussies) for the common chinese brainwashed idiot in china to believe: “Our party makes china so powerful, china rules the whole world..” blabla..

    but those stupid monkeys are clearly playing a very very dangereous game (the harrasment of an US war ship a few days ago, their pathetic no-fly-zone over an area which is not their etc.). any missunderstanding now, can lead to a fire exchange. this fucking chicom monkeys are threatening world peace. fucking pest china.

    btw: it’s excellent doc about the history and nature of the ccp and china’s barbaric subhuman system) I have posted before. worth a watch.

  3. Fanta said

    the chinese cannot even produce toilet paper right or use elevators. only a fool would think that china is capable of winning a war (except against unarmed women and children, tibetian monks and students). china and waging war successfully? HAHA!

    don’t forget how their last war (they attacked) against Vietnam ended. The chinese were beaten so hard…they walked back home to theior shithole china with chopsticks.

    seems that Sun Tzu-tactics are quite obsolete now… stupid ridiculous china clowns.

  4. chocit said

    China’s greed and deceit know no boundaries. It is dishonest and self-centered. It only cares about itself and is self-evident on its actions against its neighbors and own people and on any dealings it has with others. It leaves a trail of misery and destruction wherever it goes from the Mongol mountains, South China Sea to the African mine and oil fields.China can never be trusted. The world must condemn China’s irresponsible actions.

    • Quit buying their stocks and goods.

      • 1989 said

        HItler is gone. A sick leader who used one of the most powerful people on earth: The germans. Franco distorted with his fascism the country who once ruled this world for 400 years: Spain. Mussolini raped Italy, the birth place of the roman empire. Our common source.

        The Japanese are our proud friends and very much loved in Europe and the World, with a culture we respect. It seems that the USA has now created a new reason to wage a new world war against the subhumans in china. Clinton you fucking slave. Why did you pull in a primitive country like china into the WTO?

        War is coming. happy us: china is so weak (not like that horribly strong germany in the ww2 who had the potential and was so close to conquer the world) that it will be a cakewalk. But a few nukes will blow up into the sky. After that, China will disappear from the map. The world will be cleaner.

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