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Support US Olympic Athletes, But Made-In -China Gloves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 17, 2013

Those crazy Olympic committee pimps have done it again, they have offloaded the light lofting to China. Instead of making America’s ‘Support the US Olympic Sports Team’ gloves in the USA, they are made in China.

That’s right, why ’cause’ jobs in the US,,when we can help out the chicoms?


In a related article, Chinese have no sense of self. As a matter of fact, they are the world’s biggest believer in
‘You are what you won’. According to the link below, the Chinese base self worth on the material world
more than any other country. I guess that is not saying much for a place where the people bath in swamp water. If
‘What you own’ defines you in China, then this place is a rotting husk of despoiled land, made to break products
and womb less children.

A recent survey conducted by global research firm IPSOS across 20 countries, found that a whopping 71% of Chinese say they gauge their success by the things they own. That’s significantly higher than it was for every other country included in the survey.


Last off, chicoms hate Christ

A Chinese Christian pastor and 23 members of his congregation have been held at an unknown location illegally and without access to lawyers since mid-November.

The case of Pastor Zhang Shaojie is evidence that in parts of China the violent suppression and unlawful arrests of the faithful by local government officials continues.

China’s poor record on religious tolerance has been showing signs of improvement in recent years.

The Communist government had pledged to improve the rights of religious groups but this case suggests challenges remain.

Our research led us first to a small town on the border of Hebei and Henan Provinces.

We arrived at 1am to meet the daughter of Pastor Shaojie. Her name is Zhang Yunyun and she is a mother on the run.

We meet her in the hotel room she is hiding in for the night with her 11-month-old daughter Jessie.

Read more


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