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Chinese Guy Murders German, No One Intervenes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 19, 2013

A Chinese guy stabbed and killed a German in a fit of rage. the attack lasted five minutes. An excerpt follows but first my two pennies.

-the attack lasted for five minutes and no one intervened, wtf? How cruel/cowardly are the Chinese that they do not try to help someone in need?
– had to have been a sneak attack for you could break Chinese men in half like a twig
-can you imagine what would have happened if a Chinese had been killed this way in Germany? Xinhua would demand compensation of billions of dollars from the Germans, Beijing would refuse to import German goods and all Germans would be kicked out of China
-what will the Chinese media say? Remember the Chinese reaction when a foreigner allegedly sexually harassed a Chinese woman? The commies put up signs all over China saying that people need to ‘be on the lookout for bad foreigners’
-just one more reason to either leave China and or never return, not even for vacation

A Chinese man has been detained after killing a German national at a hot pot chain restaurant in Shanghai on Dec. 13. The man, surnamed Wu, later confessed that he had believed his wife was having an affair with the victim, reports the local Oriental Morning Post.

The incident occurred at 8:30pm at a Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant on the intersection of Zhangyang Road and Nanquan N Road. Witnesses said Wu had entered the restaurant with a knife and immediately quarreled with a foreign customer who was dining with a woman.

Wu then attacked the customer with a knife. The attack lasted for about five minutes until the restaurant’s staff intervened, witnesses said. The police were called but the man was confirmed dead at the scene.


4 Responses to “Chinese Guy Murders German, No One Intervenes”

  1. chocit said

    In 2000 a whole germany family of 4 was brutally stabbed to death in Nanjing.

    A German family of four was stabbed to death on Sunday in Nanjing, a rare incident of violence against foreigners that underscores a creeping increase in crime in China.

    The father, the deputy general manager of a DaimlerChrysler joint venture to make buses, Jurgen Pfrang, found four intruders in his house shortly after midnight on Sunday, Chinese and German officials said. Mr. Pfrang, 51, was reportedly stabbed in a struggle with the men, who killed his wife, 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.

    Guards at the housing compound in central China caught the men, four unemployed farmers from nearby Anhui province, said the Nanjing Foreign Affairs Bureau and the German consulate here. Robbery was apparently the motive.

    China has long been remarkably safe for foreigners. In the 1970’s and 80’s, many travelers were amazed when lost wallets or even plastic combs were returned to them by Chinese eager to demonstrate the strength of their country’s moral fiber. Most foreign residents still do not think twice about wandering the streets alone at any hour of the night.

    read more:


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