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Creative Chinese Directions on Post

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 19, 2013

This is a pretty funny way of giving an address…


A photo of an address written on a delivery order has gone viral on the internet as the address doesn’t include any standard road or street names, reports the Chinese-language Beijing News.

The address reads: “Beijing City, between the Fourth and Fifth Ring Road in Chaoyang district, go on the right side of the lot of a Shanxi knife-shaved noodle restaurant across from Laojuntan Park… turn right and go to the end then turn left until you get to a building with a yard and a big red door.”

There are, however, at least three Shanxi knife-shaved noodle restaurants in and around the place the address describes, according to a reporter from Beijing News. The reporter finally found a factory that has a yard with a big red door. The factory’s address is No. 345 Zhangjiatian.

The owner of the factory said the address does look like it means their factory but he said it could have been a friend who had once visited the factory. Yet he said he still would write the normal address when he places an order for delivery.



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