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China’s Impending Ecological Crisis, Water Resources

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2013

In the heavily populated eastern part of China, the water is polluted at best and toxic at worst. A very high percentage of the water is so polluted its not fit for industrial use, let alone drinking or for plants. Unfortunately for us humans living here, it is still being used.

Even more troubling for the Chinese is that the land is becoming more arid. This is due to poor planning, crappy policies and the fact that the gods despise China.

Here is proof
“Beijing’s annual water consumption has reached 3.6 billion cubic metres, according to statistics released by the Beijing Water Authority, far more than the 2.1 billion cubic metres locally available.

The per capita annual water availability is now around 120 cubic metres, well below the United Nations absolute water scarcity threshold and puts China’s capital city in a position of more severe water scarcity than some countries in the arid Middle-East.

Statistics from Beijing Water Resources Bulletin shows that the decrease in the capital’s water supplies results mainly from the rapid decline in surface and underground water resources. In recent years, water supplies from these two sources have decreased by 38%.

Some observers, however, blame the fast-growing population for the current water shortage. Xu Xinyi, director of the Beijing Normal University’s College of Water Sciences, called Beijing’s water scarcity a “human disaster” in an interview last year.

“We projected that Beijing’s water capacity could support 12 million people, but Beijing’s population has now reached 20 million people,” Xu has said.

Aquatic environment expert Wang Jian suggested that the capital’s overpopulation was the fundamental problem: “Beijing’s population has grown from four million to 20 million, and that is why our water consumption grows every year…Beijing’s population should not increase to 25 million or even 30 million in the future.”

Though limiting the city’s population is one possible solution, the water authority is placing its hopes on the multibillion South to North water diversion project. It has been claimed that this will bring an extra one billion cubic meters of water into Beijing when construction is completed in 2014.”


3 Responses to “China’s Impending Ecological Crisis, Water Resources”

  1. 1989 said

    “Even more troubling for the Chinese is that the land is becoming more arid. This is due to poor planning, crappy policies and the fact that the gods despise China.”

    you forgot the corruption. chinese corruption party (ccp) and its whores (dead/soul less female zombies, western corporations, clinton).

    we must line up all chink officials on their “great” wall and shoot them with a german WW2 8,8mm cannon. one by one.

  2. 1989 said

    typo: not a 8.8mm..noo..a good old german 8,8CM anti aircraft cannon from WW2. The most powerful thing ever build in WW2. this way we make sure that just a pile of minced meat remains of those ccp-apes. it is more than fair: they did the same to unarmed chinese students in 1989 at the so called “tiannanmen”-square. with chinese fake russian tank designs.

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