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China Dream is to Conquer the World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 21, 2013

China’s new Monkey King, Xi Jinping has created the Chinese Dream. It is nothing less than dominance over Asia and the rest of us. The last monkey king, Hu, promoted peaceful rise, and the new leader is coming out swinging.

Too bad that China is ill equipped to fight anything more than themselves.

Resurgence. Xi has made “The Chinese Dream” the rallying cry of his administration. On the international front, the China Dream entails creation of a zone of deference within the Western Pacific – a region in which Chinese primacy is understood to be natural, inevitable, and desirable: natural means China is blameless for seeking it, inevitable means there is no point in other nations’ resisting it, and desirable means it is self-evident that China is a benign power. China’s sense of destiny, and other nations’ concern that China may soon have the means to fulfill it, is the major cause of tension in East Asia. It is the reason that China ADIZ in the East China Sea and may declare zones in the Yellow and South China Seas in 2014.


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