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Cancer Clothes, China’s Christmas Gift to the World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 22, 2013

Here is yet another made-in-China gift that keeps on giving.

Cancer Clothing


The Taiwanese branch of Greenpeace on Monday warned consumers of “unpredictable health risks” associated with Chinese-made garments and footwear, saying that it had found dangerously high level of residues of harmful chemicals in childrenswear made in China.

Of 85 items sourced from two manufacturing centers of children’s clothing in China, more than half were found to contain overly high levels of nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)and over 90% had residues of antimony, a poisonous chemical used to produce flame retardants, Greenpeace’s offices in Taipei said.

Zhili in Zhejiang province and Shishi in Fujian province are China’s major bases for the manufacture and export of children’s clothing.

Greenpeace said its Beijing office had purchased samples of the products on shopping websites and at retail outlets between June and October this year to carry out tests.



2 Responses to “Cancer Clothes, China’s Christmas Gift to the World”

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  2. change said

    i love your picture. it’s probably one of the best you ever posted. the picture shows chinese mentality. they create filth and live in it. they have no desire to change it. they are ready to eat shit, create shit and think that “someone else” will solve their mess. your pic shows how chinese really are.

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