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Argentina Calls for Looting all Chinese-Owned Stores

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 23, 2013

Argentina, or at least one town there, is sick of the Chinese locusts…


Looters took to the streets in San Miguel de Tucuman in northern Argentina during the police strike, Dec. 10. (Photo/CFP)

Christmas — the most important sales period of the year — is fast approaching, but Chinese shop owners in Argentina are nervous and arming themselves following an online campaign to loot Chinese-run shops before Christmas, reports the New York-based Chinese-language newspaper Qiao Bao.

A number of Argentines initiated an online campaign calling for the lootings following civil unrest and a police strike earlier this month. Ten people were killed in the riot including a Chinese shop owner and dozens of Chinese shops have since been looted.

More than 4,000 people said they wanted to participate in the looting plan and about 17,000 people followed the online post. The police have arrested two suspects, who allegedly will be charged with sedition.

An ethnic Chinese businessman surnamed Chen told the Xi’an-based newspaper Huashang Daily that Chinese-run shops have been targeted due to “long opening hours that ‘squeeze’ competitors.” In addition, he said another cause may be the Chinese community’s habit of keeping cash in shops or at home. About 120,000 ethnic Chinese live in Argentina and there are about 8,000 Chinese-run shops nationwide in the country, according to Chen.

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