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Sidewalk Shitting in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 23, 2013

I saw this class act the other day. The old nag has the one child burden shitting on the sidewalk in front of a very expensive mall. All she had to do was walk fifteen meters to her left and use the public toilet. She is Chinese so she did not.

5 Responses to “Sidewalk Shitting in China”

  1. Power said

    chinese “culture”.

  2. Power said

    everything chinese is sick and filthy and primitive.

  3. lol said

    lol you guys are fucking retards, this is equivalent to bantering about the shitholes in america and the dumbfucks like yourself who can be found in any society, fortunately your opinions and influence are meaningless to those with half a brain. later losers lol

    • Yes, because all Americans lie, cheat, steal and shit in the streets, right? Great point, I now see the light!

      Thanks for stopping by but may I suggest you stick to Weibo or maybe the Global Times? They will make you feel a lot more secure?

  4. Me said

    Yes, lol is right. Chinese are no worse than the monsters from any other one-party dictatorial regime. They are slothful and most of all, truly ignorant of just how worthless they are. China is like North Korea’s bigger and dumber brother.

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