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China’s Christmas Present – Smog

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 24, 2013

Pollution in many cities is off the charts.
China- the gift that keeps on giving.

3 Responses to “China’s Christmas Present – Smog”

  1. Power said

    the chinese like the filth. they live in it. don’t expect them to change. they even blame the laowais for their shit and misery. can you believe that. china must be deleted from the map. they are a ridiculous and sick race.

  2. chocit said

    the only thing that china gives to the world: death, poison, filth, corruption, lies, cheats, garbage and misery. this is china. we know you now china. you will die. disgusting shithole.

  3. chocit said

    don’t be a chinese = don’t lie and cheat. this has become a quite popular expression in europe. chinese = liars and cheaters. very true.

    so don’t be chinese.

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