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Brainwashing in China, Chinese Schools

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 25, 2013

The words ‘China’ and ‘independent thought’ coexist like North and South Korea, they are eternal enemies.

Chinese schools brainwash/teach the kids to love, in order of importance:

-their country
-the communist party
– their mother


One Response to “Brainwashing in China, Chinese Schools”

  1. chocit said

    china a wannabe nazi-country. just watching them makes us laugh. no country is more ridiculous than china in this world. what a tragic and weak and stupid country. people’s republic of the wannabe’s and cheaters. prc. oh you smell and u r very useless. cheaters and liars, this is china. ur time is over. u rapists of humanity. yellow rats. we will burn ur shit country to the ground.

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