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Coming Ecological Disaster in China-Floodwaters

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 26, 2013

China dislikes itself so much that it is sowing its own destruction. About 1/10th of the land holding 66% of its people and 75% of China’s output are below the flood levels or major rivers. With global warming the waters will rise and China will sink. It is no wonder they are itching for war, they need a major distraction.

2 Responses to “Coming Ecological Disaster in China-Floodwaters”

  1. Power said

    china is all about distraction, lies, cheats and misery. they will do what they did best in their 2500 years history. they will end up in blood and misery. (no china’s “history” is not 5000 years old. that’s another chinese lie.)

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