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Femininity in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 26, 2013

Chinese women redefine the term ‘feminine’.

5 Responses to “Femininity in China”

  1. Power said

    oh yeah, and trust me. even so they carry an ipad and iphone and whore high heels…inside they are all the same. they are animals. and if u marry one of those animals u will, i repeat: you WILL regret it 😉

  2. Power said

    to make it more clear: u can shoot yourself into the head or marry a chinese high heels dishonest whore who fucks around for money and mianzi. it’s the same.

  3. Power said

    Chinese women suck in bed. It is like fucking a cold stone with no tits. They only want money and food and face. And they are very insecure and dirty. They do not understand the meaning of love, sex and humanity and marriage. They are very dishonest and not human. They also sleep with the highest bidder and will sell the kid you have with her if it serves her face in dirty china. Animals. And that word is even too good for them.

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