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Communist Official Calls Chinese ‘Dogs’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2013

In order to understand China you have to read its history, then regurgitate, then read some more. The excerpt below is from Mao’s Great Famine by Dikotter. Chinese are masochists and only love you when you hate them. How else can one explain their Mao love?


Wang Wenzhong, county leader, set the example with a motto that compared ‘the masses’ to dogs intimidated only by the sight of a stick in a cadre’s hands. Thousands of villagers were accused of being ‘landlords’ or ‘counter-revolutionaries’ in public meetings that punctuated daily life for months on end. Many were routinely beaten, tied up and tortured, some being carried away to special labour camps set up throughout the county.38 Fengxian was a dire warning of the darkness to come…

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