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Chinese Cannot Tell the Truth- Bo Yang

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 30, 2013

There is a great book called Civilizing China, by R Barme et al. It is entertaining, well researched, and provides tons of useful info. It discusses the past year in China and what the implications are. Click the link at the end for the full document.

Here is a good excerpt from that book.

Excerpt from Bo Yang and ‘The Ugly Chinaman.’

During my incarceration I spent a lot of time contemplating my fate. What crimes had I committed? What laws had I broken? I continued pondering these questions after I was released and began to wonder whether mine was an abnormal or special case. on this trip to Iowa, where I have been able to meet writers from the Chinese mainland, I have discovered that God has predes- tined people like me for jail, whether the jail be in Taiwan or on the Chinese mainland.

These mainland writers told me: ‘Someone like you would never have made it as far as the Red Guards or the Cultural Revolution. You’d have been lucky to survive the Anti-Rightist movement.’

Why must a Chinese per- son with the courage to speak an iota of truth suffer this sort of fate? I’ve asked a number of people from the mainland why they ended up in prison.

The answer was invariably, ‘I spoke the truth.’ And that’s the way it is. But why does speaking the truth lead to such unfortunate consequences?

My answer is that this is not a problem of any particular individual but rather of Chinese culture as a whole.



Side story

This is a pic of people who tried to commit mass suicide in Beijing out of protest. They had their land stolen and went to Beijing to be heard. They never got their day in court and tried to kill themselves.

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