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Holiday Hell in China-Unhappy New Year

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 31, 2013

This is hell, I mean new years eve in China. The Chinese do not really believe this to be the new year, they use the lunar calendar.

To them, the new year starts the end of thus January. So, you ask, why are the Chinese celebrating this ‘barbarian’ holiday?

If you ask this question, then you know little about China. They celebrate because: 1- they are lazy and by celebrating, the get a day off
2- they don’t want to appear ignorant of world norms. It is the same reason these atheists celebrate Christmas 3-gives them a chance to drink
4- gives them a chance to go to KTV’s and get their swerve on
5-gives them a chance to flock together, spit, curse and hate. Ih but they do this each day at lunch, on the subway, and in general. Perhaps I should remove number 5.

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