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Hide The Knives! Crazy Chinese Women!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 3, 2014

China’s DNA has been compromised. 5000 years of inbreeding has created dominant from recessive genes which has left this a country filled with madmen.

Just the other day an idiot/friend who married a Chinese was brutally attacked by her with a knife. And tonight, another friend of mine has told me he has hidden all sharp objects in the house. His fear is that his Chinese ball and chain will pull an Edward Scissor hands and chop him into confetti.

Tis leads me to wonder just wtf is wrong with the Chinese. I get the whole idea that inbreeding is horrible and they have been at if forever, but does it really cause such destruction? Is it really this or something else?

An Indian friend of mine said that the Chinese are the cruelest race he had ever seen. In his travels, he said no group of people are as heartless. I’ve had the good fortune to live in and visit civilized countries, for the most part and thus would have to agree. China is the only place I would call cruel.

This bring me back to my question. Is it Confucianism, one party rule or just genetics? What has made China into the place that it is?

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