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China Leaping Ahead Once More- Ecological Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2014

During the late 50’s Mao oversaw the ‘Great Leap forward’ which only great insofar as it was the greatest man made calamity of all times. Mao declared war on the earth and Mother Nature bitch slapped Mao and his people. The land was turned into waste and the air was toxic…wait a minute was that during the 50’s or today?

Interestingly enough, the same disastrous war on the earth is being waged and once again China is losing. Sixteen percent of arable land is contaminated now and not even 1 in 100 city dwellers breathes air unencumbered by contaminants. The more you read about China’s past, the more you see how they will never change.

The disaster they wrought over 50 years ago, is being replayed before our very eyes.

The following is an excerpt from Mao’s Great Famine by Dikotter- an excellent book.

How much of this sounds like it could be written today.

“but a prolonged and intense attack on nature claimed up to half of all trees in some provinces. The rivers and waterways suffered too: throughout the country dams and canals, built by hundreds of millions of farmers at great human and economic cost, were for the greatest part rendered useless or even dangerous, resulting in landslides, river silting, soil
salinisation and devastating inundations.”

One Response to “China Leaping Ahead Once More- Ecological Disaster”

  1. Me said

    This is the type of the ice berg. The communists have not told how badly all of the land has been ruined. When the truth comes out, the Chinese will revolt and drag guys like Xi across the gravel in a Mussolini -esque dance of morbidity.

    China is a menace.

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