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Stalin Called Mao a ‘Caveman’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2014

How funny is this excerpt from Dikotter’s book, Mao’s Great Famine?

Apparently Stalin was not only a great murderer, but he knew human waste when he saw it. Here is what he thought of Mao.

“Even when victory seemed inevitable, Stalin continued to keep Mao at arm’s length. Everything about him seemed suspicious to the Soviet leader. What kind of communist was afraid of workers, Stalin wondered repeatedly, as Mao stopped his army outside Shanghai for weeks on end, unwilling to take on the task of feeding the city? Mao was a peasant, a caveman Marxist, Stalin determined after reading translations of the Chinese leader’s writings, which he dismissed as ‘feudal’.”

Oh yeah here is a pic of a Chinese perv touching women on the subway.

One Response to “Stalin Called Mao a ‘Caveman’”

  1. Me said

    Mao was the biggest murderer of all times. He was an asshole to boot. His demeanor was poor and hygiene abominable. His stain remains on the soul of China to this day.

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