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Death and Chinese Hospitals

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 9, 2014

China has a lot of hospitals, but then again they have a lot of people, and like the people, the marginal utility of China’s hospitals is inversely proportional to the acuteness of the care required. Need a hang nail trimmed, China will get ya fixed right up. Anything more, you are playing the ‘health care lotto’ and might as well ram a Colt .45 in your guzzle ‘cuz your days are numbered, yeah its that bad here.

Case in point, I used to know a guy who had a kid, but now the kid is dead. Sad, but true, and this is China.

The problem is this, Chinese are cruel. They will do anything for a buck, even if it means risking a life. For example, in China you have to queue up for everything. The reason is that they are commies, and thus their work product is angst, fear and rejection. In a society which monetizes the killing of its youth, anything is fair game. (Google how the ‘kill all but one child policy is a cash cow for China).

As I was saying, China is filled with lines. If you want to take a dump, get in a line. Pay a bribe, get in line. And if you need to go to the hospital get in line, but …you have to get in line to get in line.

Before you can even enter the hospital you need to get a ticket. But you dont just sally up to the ticket counter and plop down your 3 RMB, no sir?

You know why? Because some pos has purchased all those tickets and is reselling them. I shit you not. They have people who buy all the entry tickets for about 50 cents and then resell for five bucks, and that is just the start.

Once you purchase the entry ticket, you then have to convince nurse Ratchett that you do need care. Nurse Ratchett is a ‘nurse’ whose soul spent a lifetime gnawing its limbs from anything resembling humanity. This bucket head has logged more hours running from the truth rather than protecting it and with the exception of an occasional ass-scratch , she is almost lifeless.

In any event, you line up behind people from the entire province(s) of Gansu, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Liaoning and a few others as nurse ratchet dismisses them with an Adrian Peterson stiff arm. She yells at them, snatches away the ticket and resells them.

Once past nurse Rathcett its ‘game on’.

The reason is that the entire process is filled with rent seekers- people looking to make a buck. If you need a hospital bed, you have to pay a bribe, need a trustworthy doctor? Pay a bribe.

I am not kidding. I met a woman on a train who is dying of cancer. She was going to Beijing because the health care was better. She admitted that Beijing hospitals charged more bribes, but had better care.

I was like ,’you have to bribe doctors?’

She was like ‘yes, well not really, but if you do not pay the bribe, the doctor will not spend much time with you, and then…’

I was like, ‘ wait a minute . You have to bribe to get in the hospital, then bribe to get a bed, then bribe to make sure the ‘doctor’ so he does not kill you?’

Her little brown dome reclined in the reclining chair and said,’zenme ban?’ What can you do?

So, back to the story. The guy’s kid got sick and he took her to the hospital. He was rich and paid all the requisite bribes and got his admitted. Because the guy is rich, the hospital did not want to let the kid transfer to another hospital even though their own place could not provide adequate car.

Greed being what it is, they stalled, the kid died and now the dad is left with a big wtf

This story plays out across China on a daily basis. The bad steal from the good and bribes are exacted. The rich get filthy and move to the usa- howdy neighbor, and the wheels keep spinning.

I guess the moral to the story is that if you see a Chinese who immigrated to the USA within the past five years, get a running start and then kick them in the zipper. They deserve it. If they did not have a direct hand in killing someone, you can bet their dad’s did. After all, that is what communism is all about.

One Response to “Death and Chinese Hospitals”

  1. Me said

    This is true around China. Hospitals are poorly funded and corruption is rampant. Hospitals are paid loads of money to stock medicine, it is all done with bribes.

    The Chi-tanic will crash. It will be the best thing for mankind.

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