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Unhappy With Only Polluting China, Beijing is Now Tainting Tibet as Well

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2014

The Chinese have been squatting on the land of independent countries for over 60 years. The land belongs to ethnicities other than Han and the land mass makes up a goodly percentage of the land China claims.

China is treating the land of these occupied like countries like they do China, by destroying it. Tibet is a beautiful place that now is under lock down. Monks are beaten and then killed and their women are forced to interbreed with Han swine. Ethnic Hans are convinced/forced to migrate to Tibet in order to squelch any uprisings.

Knocked off Chinese tanks patrol the streets of the Buddhist empire and fascism abounds. The Tibetans deserve more, but we foreigners need cheap Ipads, right.

After all, why should we worry that as we speak China is committing genocide? Just as long as they can steal enough to buy homes in the US, Australia and England, we should welcome them with open arms.

We in the west are China’s bitches.

Polluted water from a Chinese mining site in a Tibetan-populated area in western China’s Sichuan province has spilled into a nearby river, killing large numbers of fish and livestock owned by villagers, according to sources in the region.

The spill last week in the Kardze (in Chinese, Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture’s Dartsedo (Kangding) county has also fouled the water sources of people living in the area, a local resident told RFA’s Tibetan Service in an e-mail.

“On or around October 13, contaminated water from a mining site at Balang township overflowed into a 20-30 mile stretch of the river, resulting in the deaths of countless numbers of fish and


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