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Chinese Want Us to Live Like They Do

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 15, 2014

Here is a good comment by Mig. His idea is that the Chinese want us to live like they do. This is happening as we speak. Instead of the world bringing China up to a human level, we are sinking to the depths of their futility.

This is a common psychological phenomenon whereby the dregs pull down the good and not vice versa.

This goes to show that engaging China has been a lose lose proposition.


“In xi’an it was once 1200. and most of the time it is 200-500 there. the chinese dont care about anything in life. they feel comfortable to live and die in that filth. they have lived this way for the past 3000 years. the problem is: they want us and the world to live like them cuz they believe that they are somehow superior. they do not negotiate or cooperate with anyone. they think their way of destroying morals, humanity, environment, life and civilization is the best. yellow monkeys are never superior. THAT doesnt work. weak chinese clowns. death and a big lession is waiting for you. stupid yellow monkeys.”

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