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Grandtheft Wen Jaibao’s Daughter Hired for Her Guanxi

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 15, 2014

China’s ex-number two was a pedo-looking poof who stacked a lot of deceit into a five foot two inch frame. What he lacked in stature he made up for in brass as in the ten year span after he became the right hand man of Hu ‘the Butcher’ Jintao, his family made almost 3 billion civilized dollars.

Of course, Grandtheft Wen had all the Chinese convinced he was just a good ‘ol comrade who was for the commoner. Apparently they did not know about his part in the Tianenman ‘no-massacre’ and other antics. But then again hiding their heads up their asses is a team sport here.

In any event, Grandtheft got on TV in his perv-specs and creepy knockoff Chucky T’s and cried for those kids who died in the shaker of 2008. Of course his compassion only went so far, after all, he did not let anyone in to measure the devastation nor to help.

I guess the Chinese are so desperate to love someone who does not hate them, that they are grasping at straws. In Wen they saw a liliput who was too insignificant to dish out Mao style whop ass, and too dump to steal too much, but oh were they wrong. As it turns out, the family of Grandtheft, out ‘took’ even Bo Xilai. As a matter of fact, Granpa larceny padded his family’s books more than China’s ex-fuhrer. Now that is a real feat isn’t it?

The excerpt below speaks to the fact that US companies may be breaking the law by hiring offspring of China’s commie kings. If this diseased prodigy enable companies to earn cash, then it is illegal.

Lets think about that.

Mao basically killed all the smart Chinese and banished those who were average. What was left were the borderline retarded and criminally insane. Those people are the ‘eight immortals’ and the fathers of the communist party today.

The bright spot of this group of ne’er do wells is family contacts, period. They come from the same brainless louts who tried to breed cows with bulls and deep ditch planting. Those people were blessed with revolutionary zeal and little else. And now they are making millions as ‘consultants’.

The funny thing is that this case is even being investigated. Of course banks hire little reds in order to increase sales. In China, corruption is king.


But the most headline-grabbing revelation, tied to the highest-ranking official, was a November reportby the New York Times on JPMorgan’s hiring of Lily Chang. Chang ran Fullmark Consulting, headquartered in Beijing, and was retained explicitly to secure business in China. She was paid, according to reports reviewed by the Times, $1.8 million dollars between 2006 and 2008. Chang reportedly received an MBA from the University of Delaware. But the name Lily Chang was a government-approved alias for Wen Ruchun, the only daughter of China’s former vice premier, Wen Jiabao.


The pic is of a fine eatery in China…

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