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Chinese Fashion

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 16, 2014

Chinese hare sunshine so they dress like this.,,,

4 Responses to “Chinese Fashion”

  1. Mig21 said

    chinese really do hate sunshine. their women use umbrellas to avoid sunlight. a rolly polly also hates sunlight….

  2. Mig21 said

    well, yeah i don’t even try to change my mind. i know what they are. chinese do not respect strength, beauty, nature, knowledge, creativism, happiness, life, morals, culture or anything that makes humans different from animals. they are very self centered and hateful because they didn’t achieve anything of value and have an incredible inferiority complex. and they know it. and they can’t change it. since thousands of years. they need help and they need to be smakced hard to learn. they are unable to evolve. clinton and bish those idiots thought that the chinese society would change by opening markets and include china into the WTO. wrong. china is a primitive country. stupids.

    the chinese hate themselves, their existence and the world. they life like animals and see life like something to be exploited, to eat, and then die. chinese’ hate is fueled by their insecurity.

    lack of religion. lack of human development. no plato, no jesus, no buddha. no values. they have nothing. the chinese society is as dangerous for the world like rats in the canalisation. lepra. a species that only brings disease and misery to anyone. they need a good lession like a spoiled brat. a few hard smacks, a few million deaths and all ccp-criminals should be hanged. that’s the only hope for china to get some kind of civilization and culture. the first time in their history. a little bit of religion and some beliefs could help them as well to reach the state from an uncivilized hateful primitive society to a true human society.

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