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Revolution Coming To China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2014

I was in southern China and had a chance to discuss issues plaguing this place. I was discussing things such as house prices and pollution, stuff that these people are worried about. Suddenly one of the guys I was with said,’It is time to start a war.’

I was surprised and thought he was talking about the China-Japan problem, but he was not. He went on to say that the communist party was no good and not helping the country anymore. I was shocked because I did not know the guy and surprised at his candor. Equally surprising was the fact that his kid wanted to join the army and become an officer.

The fact is that China does not support comrade Xi Jinping. They know his anti-corruption drive is a farce and meant to rid China of Bo Xilai’s allies. They heard rumors that Xi’s family is filthy rich, which has been proven by The Guardian, Bloomberg and others.

As a consequence, they do not want this guy running China. This was the second time I heard calls for a revolution over the past week. Both times I was in China, although I have just left. Interestingly enough, I heard these grumblings from different people in different provinces. To me this means that the situation in China is highly volatile. This is probably the reason that comrade Xi is shaking the war stick at Japan, he needs to refocus all the enmity.

One Response to “Revolution Coming To China?”

  1. Me said

    Chinese banks are now running out of money. They are due for a huge default shortly in their shadow banking system. The end is near.

    Soon communist comrades will be draggeed by their hair in front of the people, just like they were in 1966.

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