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Poison Peanuts in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 27, 2014

Crafty Chinese will do almost anything to kill one another….be careful of those peanuts in China…

‘A man in west Beijing’s Mentougou district has been arrested for selling fried peanuts containing toxic chemical Rhodamine B, added to make his products look good, reports Beijing Times.

The 49-year-old man surnamed Yang sells fried peanuts in a market in the district. He started to add the chemical nearly a year ago and had sold about 450kg of the toxic nuts by the time he was arrested.

Yang said he had been requested by one particular customer to add a bottle of red powder into the peanuts. Yang knew peanuts should only be processed with salt and spices, but with such a large order, Yang complied with the request.

In order for the powder to stick, Yang had to add it to water and soak the peanuts in the concoction before frying them. It was then that he discovered the facelift the powder had given the nuts. It was even able to cover bruises and other unsightly imperfections, convincing Yang to start using it regularly.

He sold 75kg of peanuts in the first month after he started with the additive.’


One Response to “Poison Peanuts in China”

  1. MIg21 said

    why do you find red lazi in almost every dish in china? why does everything taste the same spicy shit in china? red lazi taste covers shit, rat meat, rotten pork meat and rotten veggies. that’s why. i think the red chili fits to china. that’s why they like it so much and put it in every dish. even if you say: wo bu yao lazi-they will still put it in. to cover the rotten plastic rice and rotten meat.

    covering the shit up with a great taste. chinese cuisine with their red chili lazi. enjoy your food in china…..

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