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Rich Chinese Make as Much as African Cheauffers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 27, 2014

The communists like to say how they brought hundreds of millions out of poverty. This may technically be true, after all, they were the fascists in charge for the past 64 years and thus were governing this dump when people did get richer.

What they fail to say is that it was those same communists who kicked China into the dark ages during the great leap forward- late 50’s and the cultural revolution 1966-76. What this means is that Beijing was merely balancing the scales, they are righting a wrong of the past.

Of course Beijing is not really righting that wrong, they allowed foreigners to do it. For example, what has any Chinese company or the party contributed to the well being of these people? The Communists have turned the slaughter of the unborn i to a cash cow and stolen land to make money. This cash they have sent overseas, along with their families, which does not help China in the least.

They also funnel cash into State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s), instead of small to medium enterprises. Beijing also only looks out for its special interests, which usually have nothing to do with the needs of the people.

From where I am standing, it is hard to justify saying that the communist party is responsible for anything but the death, destruction and annihilation of the moral fiber of these people.

Oh yeah, the rich in China make as much as an African cabbie, yet the communist party members have moved from $1 billion to $4billion overseas during the past 13 years.


The annual wage of China’s high-income group is equivalent to that of South African chauffeurs, according to CNN’s Davos 2014 Global Wage Calculator and the state-run China.org.cn.

The calculator is based on data from the International Labour Organization, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Sovereign Grant, and calculates the buying power of what you earn, inside your country, relative to someone in the US, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, figures from China’s National Bureau of Statistics showed that the annual wage per person in urban areas of China was 29,547 yuan (US$4,900) in 2013. During the same year, the disposable income per capita of the high-income group was 56,389 yuan (US$9,300), while the middle-income and low-income groups saw 24,518 yuan (US$4,050) and 11,434 yuan (US$1,890).

The calculator shows China’s high-income group has an annual wage equivalent to a chauffeur in South Africa.



2 Responses to “Rich Chinese Make as Much as African Cheauffers”

  1. Me said

    The thing is that the Africans work harder. All the Chinese are good at is sleeping and slaughtering one another.

  2. […] would be great if it were spread out equally, but it is not. Affluent Chinese make as much as African chauffeurs and 300 million people live on $2 day. Aside from this, China’s income disparity is at toxic […]

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