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Chinese Locusts, Baby Powder and Value Destruction

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2014

Hong Kongers are calling mainland Chinese locusts. The reason is that the mainlanders swarm in like Biblical insects and devour everything. In their wake is nothing but destruction and strife, which aptly describes the Chinese culture.

In their 5000 years of existence, the Chinese have given little to the world and taken a lot. They destroy value rather than add to it and their presence is a drain on the resources of the world. Mao caged them , which was good. With the opening of China we now can all enjoy their predatory behavior.

And lest you think this is something new, take a loom at this quote from over 100 years ago. China is a value destroyer, its in their DNA.

.’Do you start to understand why Hong Kongers call Chinese locusts?

The origin of this term is from an English author, Archibald John Little (1838-1908). Here’s the quote from his book Mount Omi and beyond a record of travel on the Thibetan border:

Pere Amand David, who spent years on the Thibetan border, comments
bitterly in his Journal de mon troiseme voyage on this locust-like
propensity of the Chinese to destroy every green thing wherever
they penetrate, for when the trees are gone comes the turn
of the scrub and bushes, then the grass, and at last the roots,
until, finally, the rain washes down the accumulated soil of
ages, and only barren irocks remain.’

Barren shelves for baby powder due to Chinese locusts.

Chinese locusts swarming to Hong Kong and buying their goods.

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