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Rich Communists and Brainwashed Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 29, 2014

So I am sitting there and talking to these people from southeastern China and cannot believe my ears. The conversation drifts to pollution, house prices and China’s increasing xenophobia. In order to placate the foreign barbarian-moi, they say all such reports are overblown, China still loves us.

When I ask why foreign firms are leaving this place, they shrug it off, either don’t know or don’t care. I quickly guide the conversation to rich communists and the increasing anger in Beijing about almost everything in life. They say all is ok, yet a few days ago one of their friends was calling for a revolution. I ask if they heard the news about the wealth of the upper level communists as reported by The Guardian et.al. They shrug it off and shake their heads again.

I proceed to detail the fortunes of those in charge of this place and they collectively claim it to be untrue. I literally guffaw and am like, ‘Are you shitting me? You don’t believe it? Can you explain to me how all those Lamborghini’s and Porsches litter Muxidi and other communist party strongholds?’

They tell me there a few bad apples, but the communist party is clean. After cleaning the piss from my drawers, I return with a king wtf look on my face.

I guess my rich chortles had unsettled them for upon my return, they sat their looking as if they had just eaten rice cakes topped off with heaping helpings of my feces and stare ahead. One breaks the silence and says that the news of adfluent communist party members is just BS western propaganda.

I am like, ‘Ok, so you believe CCTV, the People’s Daily, Communist Youth Daily and yet give no credence to anything written in the west?’

A collective nod greats me.

I sit back and am like ‘wtf is wrong with these people?’

Then I think of the Stockholm Syndrome and how the victims of kidnappings will befriend their captors, its a cognitive dissonance thing. Humans do not like discord and a coping mechanism we developed was to feel empathy and compassion for our oppressors.

Then I look at them again, their faces, dim witted- single toothed gouges of brown and off yellow and it hits me….

These people are so freaking dumb…

Btw, the pack has disbanded and left me alone. While this suits my mood, it has my subconscious asking me that is a good thing. After all, one of them probably shuffled off to tell the local commitern that a capitalist roader is in their midst.

My next blog post may be sent via scraps of paper and carried on the talons of carrier pigeons as I consider my fate from inside a Chinese gulag.

3 Responses to “Rich Communists and Brainwashed Chinese”

  1. Change said

    chinese are not humans. not even cockroaches. they live their rat life, eat all they can and then die. no use to talk with them about anything. they don’t care about anything. not even about themselves. those people are just designed to die.

    the japanese knew what they are and treated the chinese accodingly.

  2. Me said

    Trying to reason with Chinese? What were you thinking?

  3. Change said

    reason with chinese? it’s like reasoning with cockroaches. that chinese primitive pest needs to be eradicated. ask the japanese. they know what chinese are and treated them accordingly.

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