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On China, ‘Haters’ and Innovation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 30, 2014

Chinese are morbidly envious. They spend so much time telling us how good they are that we know just how inferior they feel.

Here is a comment by ‘Change’


Stem cell breakthrough: Japanese scientists discover way to create ’embryonic-like’ cells without the ethical dilemma


comment from a chinese workmate:

“china already discovered this 10 years ago. the world was so jealous to china that they “withhold that great chinese invention”. the japanese copied it from china.”

is there anyone who wanna nuke this personified stupidity called china? be my guest. btw: according to the chinese mindset, the chinese are convinced that they are the scientific leaders of the world. *LOL*.

Here us what innovation looks like in China

Yeah, these people live in the cutting edge.

2 Responses to “On China, ‘Haters’ and Innovation”

  1. Me said

    That photo shows what China is made up of, dirt, ignorance and desperation.

  2. Change said

    everyone who lived in china knows even more: jealousy, inferiority complex, hate, stupidity and a hopeless “wanna-be like you whites” and “we rule te world with our chinese shit culture”-mentality. ask any vietnamese, japanese or filipino. they will answer you better than me. china and its “culture” belongs into a toilet.

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