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‘Chinese on Airplanes are Not Human’, Says Chinese Blogger

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 31, 2014

This comment pretty much sums up travel with Chinese.


‘On February 27, Mangy Youth, the handle for a microblogger in Hangzhou, offered a cynical expression of this sentiment. In his tweet, he references the cheap “green trains” that were once China’s most popular means of long-distance travel:

“When I took the green trains I thought the people were very dirty, so I switched to bullet trains. But I found there were a bunch of dirty men on bullet trains, so I turned to the high-speed rails. There I found people with money but lacking character, so I changed to planes. But on the planes I found the people weren’t human at all. In this way I found that the people on the green trains weren’t dirty.”

It’s an apologetic, egalitarian sentiment, suggesting that – all things considered – it’s better to ride the rails with the lower classes, and all the unpleasantness such rides might entail, than to fly high with the sweet smelling but corrupt elites. Still, Mangy Youth won’t be downgrading to green trains any time soon, and neither will the almost human passengers with whom he now loathes to fly. For better, and often for worse, they’re all prisoners of the unfriendly skies.”



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