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Chinese Terrorist Disrupts International Flight

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 2, 2014

Here is an excerpt about a Chinese terrorist. Not a terrorist in the conventional sense of the word, but terrorist nonetheless. The Chinese guy disrupted a flight and had to be handcuffed.

Chinese have been inbreeding for too long and the recessive ‘ lunatic gene’ is now dominant in most of them. They need to be caged.

VANCOUVER, Canada – A man was arrested at Vancouver International Airport on Sunday after allegedly being belligerent and violent on a 12-hour international flight from China.

Vancouver resident Jason Mah, who was aboard China Southern Airlines flight 329 from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Vancouver, said the plane was about halfway to its destination when passengers were jolted awake by a man screaming and swearing.

“He wasn’t even making sense,” said Mah. “He’s basically running from the back of the plane to the very front. Everyone was woken by it, wondering what was going on.”

Mah said flight attendants tried to bring the man — who appeared to be in his 20s — to the galley in the rear of the plane, where he had apparently been hanging out with two travel companions, a man and a woman.

“We heard he had drunk quite a bit, and he’d been arguing with the female passenger with him. Then he started arguing and yelling with the flight attendant. It just got out of hand,” said Mah.

Several flight attendants tried to get the man to sit down, without success.

At one point, a male flight attendant

Pinned him to the floor.


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