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An American in China


Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2014

The Chinese are coming and nobody is doing anything.


2 Responses to “Chinazi’s”

  1. CCCP said

    you can only know the chinese when you live in china, let’s say, for a decade.
    what many western journalist do not understand and many people don’t see, the chinese believe that their “race” is superior. they think in terms of RACE and superiority of their “race”, so they think, the chinese is the superior race and the middle kindgom under the heaven. it is a great joke for us who know better, but the chinese really believe that.

    the chinese do what what they do best: to push human civilization hundreds of years back to the qing dynasty. of course, they will never succeed .-D. race superiority in the 21th century? what the fuck is this? welcome back to nazi Germany with chinese characteristics.

    this racist thinking of the chinese is not only happening on a state level. you will find mixed chinese-western couples with a kid who is (of course) more white than yellow (because the white DNA is stronger than the chinese one) and divorced. chinese’ common reason: i thought our chinese blood is stronger, and why the kid doesnt look chinese? why is he/she so white?. I lost face. I am zhongguoren! this cannot be! – DIVORCE. go out of china!

    we have to learn that the chinese pest is not just about eco thieves and lies and cheats. the chinese are lower than the nazis and much more bloodier. the chinese are hopelessly inferior (dna, culture etc.) but they cannot admit it (cuz of their fucking stinking ape mianzi and fuckinhotelguanxi). instead, they use hate and pseudo racism as a defence. china is a bad copy of the fucking nazis. china is inferior. the sooner they admit it the better for them. they should learn and listen and respect. the world will then talk to them. war is needed to crush them and smack them well. barbarians and animals like chinese do not understand another language.

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