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Mainland Chinese Locusts Invade Hong Kong

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2014

Hing Kong is being invaded by mainland Chinese locusts who devour everything in their paths. Here is proof


(Reuters) – One recent winter dawn, more than 100 mainland Chinese parents started lining up outside a primary school in Hong Kong, to try to clinch Grade One places for their children.

They were among 700 parents competing for 550 school spots in an area near the border with the mainland that has become a magnet for people in Shenzhen and nearby cities who want their Hong Kong-born children educated in the Asian financial hub.

“It was totally unexpected. We had to start another queue,” said the school’s principal, Siu May-cheuk. “Parents are just afraid that the school will be filled with mainland children.”

The allure is a better, more liberal education and international opportunities in Hong Kong. Every day, around 20,000 students are shuttled across the border from the mainland, dressed in neat Hong Kong school uniforms and lugging their bags on trains and chartered buses.

Since the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997, both sides have integrated more closely, with a flood of Chinese visitors bringing economic benefits to Hong Kong.

But the influx has also caused resentment and strains in the city of 7 million people, from crowded maternity wards to soaring apartment prices, besides the scramble for schools.

Roughly a quarter of births in Hong Kong between 2002 and 2012 – or more than 200,000 babies – were to couples who both came from mainland China.

Birth in Hong Kong secured residency for the children and accompanying benefits, including free education. Some mothers chose to give birth in Hong Kong to avoid fines for breaching China’s one-child policy.



2 Responses to “Mainland Chinese Locusts Invade Hong Kong”

  1. chineserscumoftheworld said

    Thousands join Hong Kong anti-Occupy protest
    Pro-Beijing protesters come out against Occupy’s plans to paralyse city centre with mass sit-in over election processes.

    Police estimated that about 110,000 people took off from Victoria Park, many of them wearing red clothes and waving Chinese.

    “I am here to oppose Occupy, as simple as that. It is a bad thing for young people,” a 70-year-old retired chef, who only gave his surname Wong, said.

    Hong Kong’s leader is currently chosen by a pro-Beijing committee.

    China says that all residents will be allowed to vote for the next chief executive in 2017 but that a nominating committee must choose the candidates.

    Pro-democracy advocates say this means Beijing will be able to ensure a sympathetic slate of candidates.


    As it happened: Police estimate more than 110,00 marchers attended anti-Occupy Central rally:


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