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Chinese Slain in Houston

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 9, 2014

In this story four Chinese immigrants were slain in Houston. They were all shot in the head. Sounds like a drug deal or something of the sort gone bad.I used to live in Houston and the Chinese ran racketeering and or drug sales.

My prediction is that they were killed by Chinese for some illegal act.

Ps. The article is by the chicom press. Last
Year alone, four Americans were slaughtered
like pigs in Beijing. Why didn’t Xinhua report
on that?


HOUSTON, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) — Hundreds of people on Saturday attended a candlelight vigil in Houston to remember a Chinese family of four who were slain at their home in the U.S. city last week.

Around 500 people, the majority Chinese Americans, converged on a grassy knoll in Houston’s northwest suburb of Cypress in memory of 50-year-old Sun Maoye, his wife Xie Mei, 49 — both naturalized Chinese immigrants — and their two young sons, identified in local media as Timothy Xie Sun, 9, and Titus Xiao Sun, 7.

The family were found dead at their Cypress home on Jan. 30, all four killed by one or more shots to the head. The local sheriff’s office has ruled the case a homicide, though no suspects or motives have yet been established and authorities have made a public plea for information.


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