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Chinese, The Cruelest People on the Planet?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 15, 2014

I saw this posy about the cruelest people on the planet. It speaks about Asians and specifically the Chinese. Wen compared to all other countries in which I have lived, I would have to agree that the Chinese seem to be the cruelest humans I have ever met. The vast majority of them act barely civil at best and savage at least.

Is it possible for a certain racial type to have an inherent trait, emotional or mental, different from other races, uninfluenced by social or environmental conditions?

There are 4 basic racial types in the world, with all others being variations: Oriental, Caucasian, Indian, and Black.

In one race I’ve noticed a tendency of unusual cruelty towards virtually all living things, much more so than in the others. This race is currently existing in several stages of development around the world, ranging from ultramodern to third world technology. Throughout history, they have displayed a dichotomy of wonderful, delicate arts and remarkable sensitivity towards beauty and astounding inhumane treatment of all living things.

I watched a couple of programs in which members of this race matter of factly did the following;

Cooked live fish in such a way as to keep the head alive, then consumed them as the tortured fish gasped away while being picked apart.

Hung up live snakes, casually slit them open to drain the blood for medicinal reasons and left said creature to slowly die, squirming on a nail.

Captured live sharks at sea, sliced off all of the fins for soup, and dumped the still living creature over the side, to slowly suffocate being unable to swim to keep water flowing over the gills.

Take live squid, snap their foreparts off by hand, toss the squirming ‘heads’ aside, gutted the still twitching bodies and cooked them up.

Hacked up living lobsters without benefit of first numbing them in ice.

Sliced off chunks of flesh from living fish to serve up fresh in a meal.

In wars, they have documented histories of being inhumanly cruel to their prisoners, often taking delight in allowing the common soldier to beat helpless subjects to death, allowing civilians to beat and hack them up and applying hideous and prolonged torture.

They have been known to slaughter each other by the thousands, with the most recent historical event recording fields with the bones of untold hundreds rotting in them. In WW2, allied parachutists landing in civilian territories when their aircraft went down were often cut to ribbons by the natives before being captured by troops.

They have a history of doing medical experiments on prisoners, often without any form of anesthetic. In every one of their nations today, the power is held by the males, with the societies being mainly paternalistic.

In war, they have developed the majority of the most nasty and painful killing techniques known to mankind, many of which are designed not to kill fast, but to incapacitate and kill slowly.

It also has been observed that they seem to need a strictly regulated society and that society is often more riddled with corruption than in others.

Today, long after the last great war, some people are wondering if the ‘enemy’ section of this race should have received much more international punishment than it did as public disclosure of their horrific acts during war time come to light.

Traditionally, their technology ranges from creating virtually mindless soldiers to willingly sending in overwhelming numbers of poorly equipped civilian ‘troops’, who snatched up the weapons of fallen comrades and who were slaughtered by the hundreds trying to defeat a much smaller, better equipped force.

They have also spread lies among their populations in times of war, terrifying them of enemy troops so that, if invaded, they suicided by the hundreds or fought to the death, thinking that they would be killed anyhow.

Yet, conversely, they have developed some of the most treasured philosophies, greatest poetry, most beautiful linens, magnificent music, fantastic construction techniques and are responsible for making many of the first, great technological advances used in peace. Their over all, or predominate form of religion is a peace based one.

The race?


(You thought I was going to say black, didn’t you?)

All of the other races have displayed similar tendencies throughout their histories, but not as consistently as the Oriental ones. (Just watch Iron Chef for their empathy towards living creatures.)

Is it just me? I like to consider myself unbiased, but these facts just jumped out at me the other day and I started putting them together, having read extensively of Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese histories.

No American Indian ever developed a history of such cruel practices, though they did not always treat captors well.

Caucasians have displayed a particularly violent history, encompassing many insidious tortures, but later banning them and even forbidding certain weapons of mass destruction in war.

Blacks have a violent history among mainly themselves in Africa, often wiping out entire tribes, practicing various forms of torture but not to the degree and depths of the Orientals.

So, is it possible for a ‘pure’ race to inherit certain cruel traits from one generation to the next? Would crossbreeding be a solution or better education?

The Chinese have historically slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their own people and the Japanese have been known to treat prisoners of war more inhumanely than the Nazis did. (Excluding the Jews. The Jews were set up to be scapegoats leading into genocide by the Nazis.)

The Africans happily delivered hundreds of thousands of their own into slavery, but even that doesn’t qualify because they were broken up into warring tribal territories, ruled by absolute kings, who were interested in the riches obtained in exchange for living bodies and the taking over of the newly vacated lands. Equipped with buyer supplied advanced technology, a single king could wipe out many poorly armed tribes.

Well? Have I missed something or gotten my comparisons wrong?


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