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China Invents Disappearing Ink!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2014

China and the Chinese are so self conscious and worried about not looking worthless that they will do just about anything for attention. In this excerpt some Chinese university ‘invents’ a combo of paper waste and disappearing ink, sort of.

What they have done is to coat paper with ink and then use a ‘water printer’ to write on the paper. Hmmm, a few observations.

Way to go China, why not use fresh water, resource which you have little of, to print stuff with.
Way to go China, its a brilliant idea to coat an entire sheet of paper with ink and then wash it off to print and call that efficient.
Perhaps the reason that the Chinese water printer works is because China’s water is so toxic that what is left on the paper is cadmium, lead sludge.


“Most people are quite familiar with ink-jet printing. But a team of chemists from northeast China’s Jilin University has recently attracted worldwide attention by inventing a water-jet printer.

Like any ordinary printer, the machine takes a blank page and covers it with print. But instead of ink, this printer uses water.

Although this does mean that the text will fade away within 22 hours of being printed, professor Zhang Xiao’an, leader of the team, said that 40% of printed pages are thrown away after being read only once anyway. In addition, the printer can switch between water and ink in case the user wants a more permanent print.

What makes the technology work is the paper. But it’s not some magic paper one might assume. Zhang said, “The paper we used in our experiments is a common type that people can get anywhere.”

The trick is that the paper is treated with an invisible dye that becomes visible when exposed to water. The dye slowly fades over time, with higher temperatures causing it to fade more quickly.

Therefore, the water-jet printing allows one page to be reprinted dozens of times. It can help offices save money on paper”

Oh btw here is an article about a Chinaman beating a ‘doctor’ to death because he sucked.

“A doctor was killed on Monday morning by a patient at a hospital in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province, local authorities said.

Sun Dongtao, head of the ENT department of a hospital affiliated with the state-owned Beiman Special Steel Company in Qiqihar, was repeatedly hit on the head with an iron bar at about 10am when performing his outpatient care duties, according to police.

Sun died after emergency treatment failed.

The suspect, surnamed Qi, a local resident who had a medical issue with his nose, was unhappy with treatment he received from Sun and wanted revenge, according to an initial police investigation.

Armed with a 50-cm-long iron bar, Qi broke into the outpatient room and attacked Sun. He was later caught by police.

Attacks on medical staff have been frequently reported in China. In late October in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, a doctor, also in an ENT department, was stabbed to death.”


2 Responses to “China Invents Disappearing Ink!”

  1. Mig21 said

    *lol* an “invention” with chinese characteristics. It has zero value for the world and it absolutely makes no sense. With other words: It’s chinese. Their stupidity really hurts the common sense and humans. But a disappearing ink is perhaps useful for cheaters, thieves, liars, deceivers and spies. Oh wait…it is a chinese “invention”, right? It makes sense now.

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