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China Prepares for WW3

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2014

This video speaks to the fact that China is nuked up and ready to rumble. My opinion is that two things make Chinese leaders sketchy and or unstable. First off, they grew up during the torment of the cultural revolution, which was a nightmare. This period seems to have poisoned so many Chinese. Look at the child killers, and the Chinese who gained citizenship in the USA and went crazy, killing etc. The trauma of the cultural revolution must have touched off some in-bread lunacy gene which it seems pervades this place. This coupled with the general psychopathy that any leader of a dictatorial regime must have to succeed, means that these people are not thinkn like humans.

My bet is they start a little spat with Japan before August. It may escalate and get out of hand as Chinese are pretty twatty and Japanese are tough. Seventy percent of Chinese soldiers are ‘kill all but one child policy’ babies which means each body bag arriving in Beijing means the term ‘twilight years’ to two old Chinese will mean gnoshing on tree bark and the limbs of children unfortunate enough to be caught by them.

This place is a mess and its getting worse.

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