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Comrade Xi Jinping Names Himself internet Fuhrer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 27, 2014

China’s new leader is scary indeed. The guy has attacked the Filipinos and occupied their land. His naval vessels are infringing on Japanese waters and his aircraft doing the same.

Comrade Xi has declared the China dream, a new strong China, ie, military power lead by the Chinese army and navy invading foreign land as we speak. Xi already has his finger on the nuke button for China and now the good comrade wants to control the net to.

This megalomanic has decided to make China a cyber power, aka, cyber war specialists. He knows that the Chinese army is fielded by twats whose only skill is slaughtering the unborn and monks.

Instead of fighting a conventional war, comrade Xi is goong cyber. I guess he figures Chinese dudes spend so much time yanking it in front of cyber cooze, that a cyber war is something they can hack. After all, humping an 80 pound ruck is too much of Chinese soldiers whose mass is the same a hydrogen atom.

Check out the link and see what the crazy commies are up to. I am so happy to be in Hong akong now… This guy is nuts…

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping is to take the reins of a government body for Internet security and aims to turn China into a “cyber power”, official state media reported on Thursday, as the country steadily tightens its grip online.

Since coming to power, Xi has presided over an intensifying online crackdown that has drawn criticism from rights groups and dissidents at home and abroad.

China has also faced growing accusations of carrying out state-sponsored hacking attacks around the world, charges the government strongly denies.

Among the security body’s aims would be to coordinate Internet security among different sectors, and to draft national strategies, development plans and major policies, Xi was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

“Efforts should be made to build our country into a cyber power,” he said, adding that without Internet security, there was no national security.

Last year a secretive Chinese military unit believed to be behind a series of hacking attacks was brought to light by a U.S. security group [ID:nL4N0BJ3QA], and in December another security firm said Chinese hackers had spied on European foreign ministries before a G20 meeting. [ID:nL1N0JP0BY]


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