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China’s Communists Filthy Rich

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2014

China’s commies are ruining the air, land, wombs of the women and taking the cash and running. Here is an example of a victim of comrade Xi Jinping’s witch hunt aka, ‘corruption crackdown’.

This guy was the number 3 and a good buddy of Bo Xilai, who committed multiple murders and was also a fav of the Chijese. Never one to let homicide deter them from supporting the general Secretary of the communist party, they would have chosen Bo, but Di had him jailed. Now Xi has got all of Bo’s buddies in his gunsights.

Oh yeah, comrade Xi’s family is worth $300 million which does not mean he is not dirty, but just too stupid to make as much as the other commie leaders.

Excerpt Reuters

(Reuters) – The movements of the eldest son of retired Chinese domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang have been restricted while he helps with a corruption investigation, three sources said, a case that could cause division within the ruling Communist Party.

If Zhou Yongkang, 71, one of China’s most powerful politicians of the last decade, were directly implicated in the probe, he would be the most senior Chinese politician ensnared in a graft scandal since the Communists came to power in 1949.

“Zhou Yongkang is 100 percent in trouble. The question is will he be put on trial or will he be dealt with internally by the party,” Ho Pin, editor-in-chief of New York-based Mingjing News, said by telephone. Mingjing, a media and book publishing firm, has reported extensively on the scrutiny into Zhou since he retired last year.

One of the sources, who has ties to the leadership, said the investigation that Zhou Yongkang’s son, Zhou Bin, is helping with was linked to a probe into Jiang Jiemin, until recently the top regulator of state-owned enterprises.

The official Xinhua news agency announced on September 1 that Jiang was being investigated for “serious discipline violations”, shorthand generally used to describe graft.

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