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Communist China’s Spyware Firm, Huawei, Trying to Infest America with…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 1, 2014

Huawei is a chicom company which the US and other governments have forbidden from running networks in their countries. Huawei has been found to load their gear with hidden backdoors so that they can access them and, oh I don’t know, lets say ‘shut down’ critical infrastructure.

You can read more about this by guys like Bill Poindexter, congressional reports and a great story in Lignet. The truth is Huawei is the spy arm for Beijing whether we like it or not, or so they say…

The good news is that they are now selling us handsets, which when hooked up to our computers can infest them with communist controlled spyware!

Hooray for China!!

China’s Huawei has launched a new 7-inch HD alternative to the still mightyNexus 7 or Amazon’s similarly-sized Kindle Fire HDX at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, but one with the added bonus of full mobile telephony capabilities. The flagship MediaPad X1 phablet packs high resolution cameras front and back, offers a choice of operating

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  1. […] the cell phone front, communism is well represented with Huawei the ‘old hat‘ and Xiaomi the ‘young turk’. Huawei is an ultra secret company run by an […]

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