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Chinese Sanitation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 5, 2014

One Response to “Chinese Sanitation”

  1. Mig21 said

    the hans in hansland say that all the filth comes from abroad and is caused by foreigners from the US, Europe, vietnam, philipinnes, australia, canada, brazil, russia and Japan. the pollution in china is a plot from evil foreign powers to undermine the greatness of china’s healthy and clean environment. “the foreigners” are also responsible for bringing AIDS and SARS and tainted baby milk to china. “The foreigners” – according to CCTV-3 – are to blame for china’s lack of innovations. reason – according to CCTV-3-: “the foreign devils steal and copy tons of our chinese innovations every year and therefore they hurt the rise of our glorious innovative motherland to become the rightful master of the world. all foreigners must be expelled from china and if they refuse, they must be killed in a traditional chinese way – death by the thousand cuts”.

    this was said on CCTV-3 (china) in January 2014. Enjoy your stay in “china”.

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