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Crazy Chinese Communist Party Creates Kill Japan Game

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 6, 2014

How emotionally disturbed are the Chinese communists? They created a game called ‘Kill Tojo’ after Japan’s wartime leader.

I do not know whether to blame this on inbreeding and general Chinese neurosis and emotional imbalances or if it is just a chicom thing. Based on what I have seen from the people of China, I am betting on the former.

From wantchinatimes.com

After users sign in on the front page of People’s Weibo, the microblogging service of the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily, there is an ad for a popular game called “Daguizi” (Kill the [Japanese] Devils), a shooting game in which the targets are Japanese war criminals, the Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

People’s Weibo, which launched around February 2010, is the first mircroblogging service in China to focus specifically on political issues.

Tan Chao, director of People’s Weibo’s business unit, said the promotion of the game is related to the government’s anti-corruption efforts, though without elaborating on how stirring up nationalistic xenophobia helps to achieve this goal. Early last month People’s Weibo promoted a similar game focused on killing corrupt officials, which became very popular. It started to promote the Japanese war criminal game on Tuesday.

Anti-Japanese sentiment is rampant in China, an example of which is the nearly 1 billion fictional Japanese soldiers killed in TV series filmed at Zhejiang’s Hengdian World Studios in 2012 alone, the Guangdong-based Yangcheng Evening News reported in February 2013.

The official Sino Weibo account of the game has a post which says, “Some people worship devils but I’m going to shoot them, see if you’re a good shot.” For target practice, players are offered a choice of the 14 class-A war criminals convicted by postwar Allied tribunals but enshrined at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, including the country’s wartime prime minister Hideki Tojo.

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s current prime minister, visited the shrine on the first anniversary of taking office on Dec. 26 last year, a move seen by Beijing as an endorsement of Japanese wartime atrocities.

According to the rules of the game, players are allotted 20 bullets in each round and are given points for speed and accuracy, leading the paper to question the overt nationalistic sentiment of the game.

Some internet users liked the game, while others said that while knowledge of history will help steer people in the right direction in the future, children should not be encouraged to play these kinds of games.

On Tuesday, the day when People’s Weibo started promoting the game, which had previously been featured on the website of the People’s Daily, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed a decision to set up a memorial day for Victory over Japan Day, and another decision to set up a memorial day for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre.

The tide of anti-Japanese sentiment in China stems from ongoing territorial disputes as well as unresolved issues from the past, as China feels Japan has yet to make amends for its occupation of China in the 1930s and ’40s and to face up to war crimes committed by imperial troops during that period.

Anti-Japanese sentiment exploded again in September 2012, when Chinese protesters rallied in the streets in Beijing and several other major cities in response to Japan’s nationalization of disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Some commentators have accused the Chinese government of stoking up anti-Japanese sentiment in order to provide a distraction from domestic problems.

2 Responses to “Crazy Chinese Communist Party Creates Kill Japan Game”

  1. Change said

    one of my friends is (actually he WAS) married to a chinese woman. one day she started to say to him (once he disagreed with her slutty life style in china= she— meeting men, dressing like a prostitute whenever she went to work; not taking care of their kid etc) that he is a “stupid foreigner” and that he has to earn more money, learn chinese, think chinese and respect china’s status as a world power and superior culture and race. (*lol*)

    she said that china is far more superior – culturally and morally -racially – than the whites and the west and therefore the white people must do a kow-tow whenever they meet a “chinese master”.

    this guy went through hell in china. he did the right thing and took his kid back to his (western) country and left the hell called china.

    his so called chinese “wife” now says: i am happy that u both went away and left my life u stupid foreigners. now i fuck another laowai to make a new chinese with white skin for the glory of china.

    note: the kid is just 4 years old. that guy is now alone and has to deal with this situation by himself. the chinese wife cares a shit about him and the kid.

    yes, it is sick. yes, chinese in china are sick and china is sick. yes it is. you won’t find their mindset in any other country. not even in the most primitive shithole in africa. and yes, this is what those yellow-brownish apes think in china. enjoy ur chinese “wife”. advice: do NOT marry a chinese woman. do NOT exchange your DNA with a chinese. (never cum into a chinese pussy)

    • Change said

      chinese, chinese men, chinese women, chinese kids, chinese as a whole, chinese government, are insecure. chinese and china have an incredible inferiority complex. an absolute incredible inferiority complex. and after living in china I say, and many many many others say: rightly so.

      they have nothing to offer to the world. nothing. they just have a big mouth and nothing else. what a poor, disgusting, empty , ridiculous nothing china is…what a bloody tragic joke.

      china will fall apart. china will be the yugoslavia of asia. to all foreigners living in china: stay close to an airport and prepare for the worst. or u will be killed by the chinese mob.

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