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China’s Impending Water Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2014

China does not have enough water and the water it does have is increasingly polluted.

Soon , Chinese eco refugees will be storming our shores.

Here is a Chinese river and excerpt from The Atlantic

‘The Wanquan is one of thousands of rivers in China that have dried and disappeared after decades of declining rainfall, prolonged droughts, exploding population growth, industrial expansion, and a series of disastrous reservoirs built during the early days of the Communist Republic. The problem is most obvious in Beijing, which was chosen to be China’s capital in part because of its abundance of streams and freshwater springs. Beijing consumed 3.6 billion cubic meters (127 billion cubic feet or 950 billion gallons) of water in 2012, far more than the 2.1 billion cubic meters per yearthe city has at its disposal in nearby rivers and in the ground. The city’s water resources, about 120 cubic meters per person a year, are well below the 500 cubic meters the UN deems a situation of “absolute water scarcity.” Beijing has been supplementing the shortfall by diverting water from the nearby province of Hebei and trying to lower water usage in the city.’

3 Responses to “China’s Impending Water Disaster”

  1. Mig21 said

    what can u expect from a primitive tribe and race like the chinese? they can’t even organise their own land and society. but they whine and piss around like the world is guilty of their own misery. chinese just need to be killed. it’s usless to talk with monkeys. they are like a computer virus. do a format c: and reinstall the system.

  2. Mig21 said

    china blames the west for its misery. cctv says that the evil foreigners caused the pollution in china. they want to kill all foreigners in china,

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