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Communist China has Invaded Philippine Soil

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2014

Here is a map of a shoal or little island. The red dot, which lies on the bottom is where the shoal resides and the big hunk of crap on the top is where China resides. According to Chinese ‘logic’ ie whimsy, this little shoal belongs to them.

The Chinese say that way back when, Chinese maps were drawn up which proved this island belonged to China. The problems with that are many but include:
– the PRC or China was not recognized as a country until 1973, so any maps before that time are useless. This is true because even if those maps were credible, which they probably are not, then any territory they proclaim to own belongs to some vanished Chinese dynasty.
– the Chinese have historically claimed to own most of the world, even in the 19th century they told English ambassadors that they were part of China’s minion-hood. – those maps looked like children drew them.
-those maps also show dragons and serpents lurking around the edges of the flat earth.
– the law states natural boundaries and proximity which determine ownership of land and common sense tells you that this land is not Chinese.

Map showing China’s repugnant aggression.


“BEIJING (Reuters) – China said on Monday that coast guard ships had driven away two Philippine vessels which had tried to approach a shoal in the South China Sea in the latest flare-up of a long-running territorial dispute.

The Chinese ships were patrolling waters around Second Thomas Shoal, known in China as the Ren’ai reef, when they spotted the Philippine boats, carrying construction materials and Philippine flags, which left the area after being warned off, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said.

The incident happened on Sunday, he added.

Qin said that China had repeatedly demanded the Philippines remove a ship which had been grounded on the shoal in 1999, but that Manila had cited technical reasons for being unable to do so.

“This time, the Philippine side has attempted to start construction on the reef,” he told a daily news briefing. “The moves infringed China’s sovereignty.”

China had no choice but to respond to the Philippines’ moves, Qin added.

Manila ran aground an old transport ship on the reef in 1999 to mark its territory, and has stationed marines in abject conditions on the rusting ship.

China’s claims over islands, reefs and atolls in resource-rich waters off its south coast and to the east of mainland Southeast Asia have set it directly against Vietnam and the Philippines, while Brunei, Taiwan and Malaysia also lay claim to parts.”

3 Responses to “Communist China has Invaded Philippine Soil”

  1. Mig21 said

    the spaniards kept them in line when they ruled the philipinnes for centuries and later the americans. now since both powers aren’t there any longer the chinks think they can play world power. their biggest dream. they always pick the weak spots. philipinnes should send all of their navy and air force to take what’s rightfully theirs.

  2. Mig21 said

    common sense and chinese/china is like water and fire. it doesnt matter if u deal with a chinese government, wife, biz pargner or kid. they are all fucking ridiculous. common sense and chinese dont fit with each other.

    yes the chinese in their incredible inferiority complex really treated english, portuguese, spanish and french ambassadors like they were vasalls of the middle kingdom. lol. the result was that they showed the chinese who really has the balls in the world-opium wars, hongkong, tsingtao, macao etc. china – the mentally ill man of asia who can’t act like a human being with common sense because it thinks that shitting on streets is “culture”..

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