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China Jailing and Punishing Innocent Family Members of Tibetan Monks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 14, 2014

China’s communists are morally repugnant. Not only have they scarred the soul of Tibet and are ruining their culture, but brutalizing family lines as well.

“The number of self-immolations peaked at 28 in November 2012, when a new slate of national leaders was installed during the 18th Communist Party Congress in Beijing. It was evident that the self-immolators were hoping that they could spur the new leaders toward a policy shift on Tibet.

But these hopes soon faded. Once the party’s chosen ones assumed their positions, they declared war on self-immolation, with harsh measures against “accessories,” meaning family members and relatives, villagers and even the monastery associated with any self-immolator. Since then, several hundred Tibetans have been arrested and imprisoned; many more have been given stiff fines and even barred from making pilgrimages to holy sites.”


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