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Riot in Changsha, China, Four Dead

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 14, 2014

China had another ‘ethnic riot’ which the chicoms are not calling a riot. They hate to admit that China is wound tighter than a China man’s fist clutching a dollar.

Some Chinese Muslims were attacked and retaliated by stabbing and killing some Han Chinese. These are allegedly the facts, according to Weixin, a Chinese whatsapp knockoff.

The chicoms are calling it a disagreement, but that sounds odd. If it were merely a disagreement, then why did the cops beat the shit out of a handful of Muslims, killing one. In the past few months, China has been besieged by violence and seems like its ready to explode.

Even here in Hing Kong, where I am temporarily working, they are talking about China’s impending doom.

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