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‘Americans’ on Missing Malaysian Fight MH 370 are Chinese ‘Anchor Babies’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 23, 2014

People are complaining about Obama helping to look for the missing Malaysian flight MH 370 because ‘Americans’ were on board. Technically this is correct, but if you check the passenger manifest, those ‘Americans’ were merely ‘anchor babies’ to Chinese. In other words, these two kids were merely born in the USA and thus citizens, but they their parents made a conscious decision to have them in the USA so that the kids would be citizens.

The Chinese are exploiting American law so that they can overstay their visas and shuck out a kid who has the same rights as we do. My point is if China is not good enough for them , then man up and take a stand. Of course they do not, but will wait then ship off their chicom kid to our country and then follow it on a sponsored visa.

No other country now has more people bearing children in the USA in order to get citizenship than China. They are a menace of the first order.

Passenger manifest for the flight.


No real Americans were on board.

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