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Sea Rescue Chinese Style, Fo to Wrong Location…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 23, 2014

The Chinese are a menace. If their tourists are not littering our streets with unintelligible gibberish, then they are mauling the environment or cheating to enter our universities.

Here is another example of why we need Mao and the Chinese need to be caged. The PRC sends a rescue plane to help looking for the Malaysian jet and the idiots in the rescue ship fly to the wrong location.

How can any group be so inept?


China Plane In Sea Search Lands At Wrong Australia Airport

The first Chinese plane heading to Australia to join the hunt for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet landed at the wrong airport on Saturday, underscoring the difficulties facing the increasingly complex multinational search effort.

The Chinese IL-76 military aircraft made an unexpected stop at Perth International Airport before heading to its correct destination at RAAF Base Pearce outside Perth, where search and rescue operations for Flight MH370, which has been missing for two weeks, are now being coordinated. “They landed at Perth and then they landed here,” RAAF Corporal Janine Fabre told Reuters.

“We don’t know why.” RAAF Base Pearce, a dusty collection of runways and low-slung buildings about 21 miles north of Perth, is taking on the feel of a model United Nations as aircraft and ships – not to mention journalists – from at least six countries descend on the region.



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